Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reverence During the Sacrament

Goal: Learn how to be reverent during the Sacrament.

Lesson: Start the lesson by only speaking in a whisper. Ask the children why we take the Sacrament. Explain that the Sacrament helps us to take upon His name, meaning we want to be like Him and serve others. We also take the Sacrament to remember Jesus, the commandments, and keep the Spirit with us. The Sacrament reminds us that Jesus died and Atoned for us. He died for us so we can live with Him again. The Bread represents His body, and the water represents His blood. Ask the children what kinds of things we should think about during Sacrament. Tell them that we should be thinking about the Savior and His example and how we can be more like Him. Finally, discuss ways to be reverent during the meeting. Talk about how it’s inappropriate to climb over furniture, make messes, etc. Finally, tell them that you were speaking in a whisper so the Spirit could be heard just like we should only whisper during Sacrament Meeting.

Activity:You’ll need: A small photo album for each child, old church magazines and/or small pictures of Jesus, scissors, a bag, various quiet books, and toys.
Go through the magazines and find pictures that will help the children remember to be reverent and think about Jesus. Cut out the pictures and put them in the album. In the bag, have children put special books and toys reserved just for Sacrament Meeting.
Explain to the kids that this bag is reserved just for Sacrament Meeting. They can only play with these things during Sacrament meeting, and that during the Sacrament they must get out the album and look at the pictures so they can concentrate on Jesus.

Closing: Read D&C 20:75 and challenge the kids to think about Jesus during Sacrament next Sunday.

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