Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My name is Katie and before I had children, I was the perfect parent. I was a children's case manager teaching behavior management, social skills and parenting after I graduated from Utah State University. I couldn't wait to have my own kids and try all my theories out on them. Scott (6 yrs old) was born after a long wait and his Aspergers/Savant personality saw me tossing all my carefully planned theories out the window! Jane (3 yrs old) has some neurological issues and delays, so planning Family Home Evening for both of them is an exercise in creativity and seeking inspiration. Challenging as they are, I wouldn't trade my two unique, hilarious and loving kids for the world.

My husband and I met at Utah State (same student ward, fhe group) and have been married for eleven years. Our family enjoys camping, hiking, planning weekend trips, playing games, telling jokes, and reading together. Scott loves any kind of contest and wants to be a game show host when he grows up. Jane loves to laugh, do anything outside and make sure she gets everything Scott does. :) I digest several books a week and I love to eat, talk about my favorite shows and movies with my siblings and sing (off key) to my favorite songs at the top of my lungs. I am learning to knit, coupon shop, and speak Spanish.

I hope that by joining this blog I will be able to avoid my "Monday Afternoon FHE Scramble."

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