Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let Your Light So Shine

Topic: Jesus said that we should set an example by doing good works all the time
Scripture: Matthew 5:16

Lesson: (Out of yellow construction paper cut out circle for sun then 8 "sun rays" with different ways we can let our light shine from the following lesson)

Jesus said that we should let our light shine for other to see (put up picture of sun.) Then people will know where to look for happiness.

I can let me light shine by bearing my testimony, being honest, saying my prayers, reading scriptures, being reverent, obeying my parents, showing kindness towards others, and by going to church (as you say each one put up the different rays of the sun that relate to each – fun to have each child take a turn.)

Just like the sun helps living things to grow, we can help others grow in the gospel by letting our light shine!!

Activity: Relate a story of how you were able to LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE. Then have other family members relate a story of his/her own.

Challenge: Challenge your children to find a way the next week to let their light shine. Talk about ways they can do this and then discuss this each night at dinner time.

Song Suggestions: Kindness begins with me (CSB 145) & Let Us Oft speak Kind Words to Each Other (hymns 232)

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