Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Life of Jesus Christ


To help your children learn the basics about the life of Jesus Christ


Prepare the booklet The Story of Jesus Christ (Go to page 30 of the magazine). Some of this could be completed as part of the activity, but you will need to print it out and have it all ready with the necessary supplies.

  • Picture of Jesus Christ
  • Scriptures
  • Printed booklet
  • scissors
  • cardstock
  • hole punch
  • yarn

Song Suggestions:

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus (Children's Songbook, 55), Jesus Once Was a Little Child (CSB, 53), Or any other song about the Savior's life


  1. Show your children a picture of Jesus Christ. Ask, "Who is this? What do you know about Him?" Talk through their responses. If you have older children, write down what they know. For babies, just tell them that this is Jesus Christ.
  2. Tell them that you are going to read this short book about Jesus Christ. If you have already prepared the booklet, hand it to your child and help them look at the pictures while you read it. If you are preparing the booklet for your activity, show them the pictures and read it.
  3. Explain words they may not understand (ie. crucified)
  4. Talk about Jesus and bear your testimony.

Activity Ideas:

Your activity could be putting together the book (this works better for the older kids), or you could do something to help your child learn to recognize the Savior. You can play a Jesus Scavenger hunt where you put pictures of Jesus around the house and your child(ren) find them. You can also looked through the Gospel Art book and found pictures of the Savior, and referenced them to pictures in the booklet. You can read other age appropriate books about the Savior.


This lesson is geared mainly towards the toddler and preschoolers. For babies, just show them the pictures in the booket and read it to them. Constantly point and say, "This is Jesus." If you have older children, you can have them look up the scripture references in the booklet, or go more into depth about the life of the Savior.

The Story of Jesus Christ is found in the March 2008 Friend magazine, page 30.


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