Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We are all different. We are all loved.

My dad dressed up in outback gear and talking to school children about his home country.

My three year old started to notice and point out (not always in the best way!) that people look different. We decided that it was a good time for a FHE lesson on this.

I collected a bunch of different pictures of people from various places as well as pictures of the places that people were from on the internet. I also grabbed my family photo book.  We started the lesson by telling our three year old that people looked different all over the world and that heavenly father loves them all. We then told him that we are suppose to love them all too. We had him go through each of the pictures. We pointed out the various physical characteristics. After each picture we had our son say that heavenly father loved them. After looking at all the pictures we asked our son if heavenly father loved each person in the pictures.  We asked if he, my son, was suppose to love them too.

Game: I thought it would be fun to play guess who. The people in that game look very different from each other and we pointed this out to our son before playing the game and reiterated the point of the lesson again.

Adaptions: With older children you can focus on more than just the physical characteristics of people. We didn't do much more than this since our oldest is just three years old.

Song idea: Jesus said love everyone

Monday, December 5, 2011

Nativity Act Out

Every year around Christmas, we get together with the cousins and act out the Nativity. The children dress up very simply. We use towels, adult dress shirts, robes, ties, and scarves. We also use props like angel wings, stars, and crowns. 

The children each get a piece of a nativity set and dress up as that character. We then read the Christmas story from Luke. As the child's part is read, the child comes into the room and places his or her piece in the stable and stands in place. 

This is a very effective way to teach children the story of the nativity! You can apply the dressing up to any scripture story you want to focus on.

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