Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hi! I'm Diana! I have been married to a doctor for five and half years, we've been together for maybe five minutes of those years, or so it seems. In those five minutes, we've managed to have the two most adorable little boys in the world. They are four and two, and they keep me busy. The second I sit down, they demand something from me, so up I go again!
In my spare time (what's that, right?), I enjoy substitute teaching, reading, cooking, exercising, finding amazing deals, hanging out with friends and family, and just getting out and going somewhere, anywhere! I majored in Liberal Arts and Sciences, so I basically got to take classes on what I was interested in, which was everything. I met my husband Matt at Utah State University, we lived in Iowa for three years for medical school, and now we're back in Utah in an actual HOUSE! We have been having a blast decorating and furnishing our house, and we can't wait to put our yard in when winter is over.
For Family Home Evening, we usually read one scripture and talk about it for a few minutes, say a prayer, and have a treat. There's not much to it when you have two very active little boys. I have some FHE kits that I try to use at least once a month, but sometimes they take too long for my boys' attention span. The best thing we've learned to set the tone for the evening is to have the boys go around and shake our hands and say, "Welcome to Family Home Evening." Of course, it sounds more like "Welcome to family do leavy." They love it, and it helps them feel they have an important role in the evening.

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  1. I love the handshaking idea. I think my son will get a kick out of that in a few more months (he's a little young to get it now).


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