Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My name is Jennifer and I am a stay at home mom of two girls--Ellen just turned two and Rachel is 4 months old. My husband and I have been friends since second grade and grew up in the same ward in Oregon, but didn't start dating until we were both in graduate school at BYU. We were married in the Portland Oregon temple 3 years ago and now live in Orange County, California. We love the warm weather, the beach, and our annual passes to Disneyland. We also love to visit our families in Oregon. Our parents still live 1/2 mile from each other so it is easy to see everyone in one trip! We don't have any family anywhere near where we live now and have really learned how important a ward family can be.

I studied Math Education at BYU and I enjoy tutoring in my home a few hours a week. Between finishing my bachelor's degree and starting my master's degree, I served a mission in Taiwan. My creative outlets are sewing and cross stitching and I love to bake! Buying and selling things (particularly baby items) on Craigslist has become a hobby of mine since having kids. The selection of used items in this area is amazing and we've hardly had to purchase anything new for our girls.

As I mentioned above, I majored in secondary education. That was on purpose--I've never felt like I was very good with kids. Teenagers? No problem. Toddlers? No clue. This past year has been a learning experience for me as I've done my best to play with, teach, and discipline my oldest daughter. We started including Ellen in FHE when she started nursery and so far have just done short lessons out of the nursery manual. I'm really excited for this blog to give me the opportunity to come up with fun FHE lessons for my family and also to learn from all of your great ideas.



  1. So I looked at the picture and was like, I know her!! She was my old Visiting Teacher in Provo!! It will be fun to catch up on here! I still need to post my "get to know you" post, so hopefully it will be soon.

  2. Hi Michelle--small world! It's good to see you on here!


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