Friday, March 12, 2010

Around the Room BOM Stories

Goal:To familiarize young children with Book of Mormon stories and prophets.

Lesson: Hang the following pictures in obvious places at children's eye level around the room: Abinadi (Gospel Art Picture Kit 308), Ammon (GAK 310), Helaman and 2000 Warriors (GAK 313), and Jesus Healing the Nephites (GAK 317). These pictures can also be printed from Google images.

Sing the first two verses of Book of Mormon Stories for the opening song. After the prayer, hold up a copy of the Book of Mormon and explain that tonight we will be talking about some of the stories in the book. Let children take turns picking a picture. When the whole family is sitting around the chosen picture, tell the story associated with the picture. For toddlers, repeat the prophet's name a few times and tell a few sentences about the picture. Let older children tell the story if they are familiar with it. Then, sing the verse from Book of Mormon Stories that corresponds with the picture.

Activity: Gather everyone in the middle of the room and take turns calling out the name of one of the prophets. The first one to the picture wins.

Challenge: Keep the pictures out during the week where children can become familiar with them and review the stories periodically.

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