Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reverence During Prayers

This is one of those lessons that comes about because a need is seen. Our boys seriously need to work on being reverent during prayers.

Goal: Being reverent during prayers

Song: Reverently, Quietly

Lesson: Start the lesson by whispering. See if you can get your kids to whisper with you. Tell them that when we are quiet we are better able to hear the whisperings of the Holy Spirit. When we pray, the Holy Ghost can answer our prayers, but we have to listen. Remind your children that when we pray, we want to be respectful to Heavenly Father and Jesus, and that means being reverent. Have your children repeat the word "reverence." Part of being reverent during prayers is being silent and still.

Activity: Practice being silent and still. Have a family member say a short prayer while the other family members practice. Let everyone have a turn praying.

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