Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Resources for Enhancing your FHE Lesson

If you are looking for a way to enhance your lesson or activity I found this resource through The Friend website.

They have an activities archive where it has a list of different coloring pages, activity pages, flannel board art, hidden pictures, etc. They are listed according to topic and have quite a few. You do have to be careful if you think your activity might be a two page activity. I have found some that are missing the second page. Sometimes by looking at the link though, you can figure out the year and month that the activity was originally included in The Friend and get the second page.

You can get to the archive by going directly to and on the right hand side you'll see the link or you can click on this link here to go straight to it.

Below the link to the activities archive is an archive of Friend stories by topic. This way if you need story for your child for a specific topic you can look one up there.

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