Monday, July 5, 2010

Holy Ghost

We got this idea out of June's edition of the Friend magazine.

What you do is you blindfold your child. You then tell him/her to walk to a certain location. You don't interfere at all (for younger children, you might want to be close by and get between the child and any sharp corners).

Once your child has reached the goal, bring him/her back to the starting position, keeping the blind fold on. This time, have a member of the family gently tell him/her where to go. We of course had to have our two older children and Mommy and Daddy do it. When it was Daddy's turn, I put up lots of obstacles (like chairs) in his way to make it more interesting :)

Afterward, you talk about the experience. Ask your children if it was easier to find their way with the help or without. Liken the voice to the Holy Ghost.

You can also combine this with a story about listening to the Holy Ghost. Share your own experiences or read a story from the Friend. June's issue has a good story to go along with this. But of course, your own story will be much more interesting to your children.


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