Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Sacrament

I'm a day late (and I feel the need to say "and a dollar short," just to finish the phrase.) :) So sorry about that, and I missed last month, double sorry. Anyhow, I am back, and hopefully contributing. :)

Goal: To understand the sacrament better

Lesson: Talk about what happened in church yesterday. Let your child(ren) tell you what they remember. Eventually bring up the sacrament. Ask them if they know why we have the sacrament. Remind them it is because of Jesus and it helps us to remember Him. Depending on how old your child is (or his/her level of understanding), go into a little detail about it is because Jesus died and the sacrifice that he made for us; and that the bread reminds us of His body and the water reminds us of his blood. Show pictures of Jesus at appropriate times, and picture of the sacrament being passed (these can be found in the Gospel Art Book). For older children you can even tie it into Easter and the Last Supper.

Activity: Talk about appropriate behavior during the sacrament. Have you and your spouse (or if your children are older let them do this) role play approriate behavior and inappropriate behavior. You can even make reverent bags, or use this lesson for a follow up lesson on how to act all during sacrament meeting.

Closing: Sing a song about Jesus, or a song about the sacrament and remind your children how much Jesus loves them.

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