Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Preparation: On separate squares of cardstock, spell out baptism, giving each letter its own piece of cardstock. Attach each square to a popsicle stick.

Opening song: When I am baptized (pg. 103, children's songbook)

Lesson: Explain to your family that the ordinance of baptism provides many blessings in our lives. Tell them that we can remember these blessings by thinking of the letters that spell the word "baptism".

Have each member of the family hold up a letter as you explain what the letter stands for.
B: Is for beginning. When I am baptized, I bury my old life of sin and begin a new life of following the Lord.
A: Is for atonement of Jesus Christ. It is because of His great sacrifice for us that we are able to be cleansed of our sins when we repent.
P: Is for promises. At baptism, I promise to take upon myself the name of Christ. To keep His commandments and to always remember him.
T: Is for testimony. After I have received a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I should share it with those around me.
I: Is for inspiration. After I am baptized, I will receive the Holy Ghost. He will inspire me and lead me back to my Heavenly Father if I listen to his counsel.
S: Is for service. I will serve my Heavenly Father and others.
M: is for member. When I am baptized I become a member of Christ's church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Share with your family your feelings the day that you were baptized. Tell them of some experiences you have had when you have enjoyed the blessings of baptism.

Activity: Click here to print a coloring page for your children to help them remember what they learned.

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