Monday, May 3, 2010

Children Of God

This was another one of those good ideas by my husband. He was sitting in ward conference when it came to him. In Sunday School, we learned about how we can become like God because we are His children. In Priesthood, they were lectured to go home and teach their families what they learn in church :). So he did!

Opening Hymn:
I Am A Child Of God

Hebrews 12:9 or D&C 76: 23-24

My husband got a board book out that was full of pictures of baby animals with their parents.

He pointed to a picture with a mare and foal--pointing to the foal (baby) "What is this?" he asked.

The children responded it was a horse. He then pointed to the foal (baby).

"What is this?" he again asked.

Again, the answer was horse.

"That is right. The baby horse looks like the mommy horse. What do you think the baby horse will be when he grows up? Do you think he will be a dog?"

"No!" came the giggled replies.

"What about a pig. Will the baby horse grow up to be a pig?"

"No!" more giggles.

"No? Then what will it be when it grows up?"

"A horse still!"

"That's right. The baby horse will grow up to be a horse because his mommy and daddy are horses."

He then went through the same exercise with the remaining animals.

Then he held up a picture of Heavenly Father and Jesus together. He talked about what they were like.

"Are you a child of God?" he asked.


"Then what will you grow up to be? Will you grow up to be a horse? No?...(go through more silly things they won't grow up to be)....that is right. You will grow up to be like our Heavenly Father because you are His child."

This was a great lesson. The children were interested and involved with the pictures and the questions. If you don't have a book with these pictures, you can pull them up on a computer screen or print them off on paper.


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