Friday, April 2, 2010

General Conference Review

General Conference is like a holiday in my mind. Growing up we always had a table FULL of treats (which we couldn't enjoy unless we were watching conference) and close friends joining in on the events of the day. Sometimes it is hard for kids to watch the speakers all day, but there are now fun activities available to help keep their attention for a little longer. My favorite is the traditional bingo-type worksheet. They have 7 ready and waiting to be used here: which means you can use a different one each session and give kids different work sheets if you'd like.

Or you can find other activities like "Conference Notebooks" and coloring pages along with the bingo sheet here:

Then on Monday, for FHE you can review these topics. If you'd like to have your children share a thought from their favorite talk, be sure to prepare for this before conference starts so they can be listening for something to share. Be sure to pick out something to share yourself :)

Having a review of the conference talks is a great opportunity for you and your children to bear testimony of the gospel and our living prophets and apostles.

Enjoy Conference and then enjoy it again for FHE!

FHE Song idea: "We Thank Thee oh God for a Prophet" hymn 19.

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