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I feel like I agreed to do this blog eons ago and it is finally my turn to write. Agreeing to do something like this can be very intimidating for me. I have never claimed to be a "Stepford" wife or anything close to it. So, knowing that I am going to write about how to hold a successful family home evening makes me worry that someone is going to call me an impostor. One thing I can say I feel I have a pretty good grip on, though, is something I learned growing up. I had the pleasure (I use this term loosely) of growing up in a family of six kids. We were your average Brady Bunch Utah family. 3 boys, 3 girls, lots of chaos and fighting over the bathroom. My mom would try very hard at teaching us the importance of family home evening. Sometimes we held it faithfully every week, other times my mom felt it a success to just get us at the dinner table all at one time. Every family functions different but one thing that I think is important is for every family is to enjoy the time that you have together. Family night does not always have to be held on a quiet Monday night, in a cozy living room, with fresh brownies in the oven. That is great if you can pull that off but sometimes family night might be held in the car or sitting in the doctor's office waiting room. It can be as simple as having a gospel discussion with your child. Take the moments that you are given and don't put too many expectations on how you need to be. One of my most favorite family nights is having a dancing contest in our basement. I love it because we are all there, laughing together and letting go. These are the times that I know my children will remember. I hope that you can find your own way of creating memorable family night full of learning and laughter. And with that.... here is my little family night suggestion.

Opening song- Nephi's Courage
Scripture-1 Nephi 3:7

Lesson- Before you begin, you will want to hide the envelopes to be used in the treasure hunt, and also make sure your treasure is in place.

Read the following story:
Rupert stood by the side of the road watching an unusual number of people hurry past. At length he recognized his friend.
"Where are all of you going in such a hurry?" he asked.
The friend paused, "Haven't you heard?" he said.
"I've heard nothing." Rupert answered.
"Well", continued his friend, "the King has lost his royal emerald. Yesterday he attended a wedding of nobility and wore the emerald on the slender gold chain around his neck. In some way the emerald became loosened from the chain. Everyone is searching, for the King has offered a reward of ten pieces of gold to the one who finds it. Come, we must hurry."
"But I cannot go without asking my grandmother," faltered Rupert.
"Then I cannot wait. I want to find the emerald," replied his friend.
Rupert hurried back to the cabin at the edge of the woods to seek his grandmother's permission. "If I could find it we could leave this hut with its dampness and buy a piece of land up on the hillside," he pleaded with his grandmother. But his grandmother shook her head. "What would the sheep do," she asked. "Already they are restless in the pen, waiting to be taken to the pasture and please do not forget to take them to water when the sun shines high in the heavens."
Sorrowfully, Rupert took the sheep to the pasture and at noon he led them to the brook in the woods. There he say on a large stone by the stream. "If I could only have had a chance to look for the King's emerald," he thought.
Turning his head to gaze down at the sandy bottom of the brook, suddenly he stared into the water. What was it? It could not be! He leaped into the water and his gripping fingers held something that was green with a slender bit of gold chain. "The King's emerald!" he shouted. It must have been flung from the chain when the King was crossing the bridge, on the highway, and the water washed it here. With shining eyes Rupert ran to his grandmother's hut to tell her of his great find.
"Bless you, my boy," she said, "But you never would have found it if you had not been doing your duty, herding sheep."
And Rupert knew this was the truth.

**Ask your family "Why was Rupert able to find the emerald?" (because he was obedient)

Tell the Book of Mormon story of Nephi and his brothers going back to Jerusalem to get the brass plates. Tell your family to listen closely because it will help them with the activity.

Tell your family that they are going to have a chance to find a special treasure, but the only way is to be obedient like Nephi and follow instructions. Explain that there are five envelopes containing clues. If they answer the question on the outside of each envelope they can open and read what's inside. Give them envelope #1 and have them begin. In the end, testify to your family if we are always obedient to what the Lord asks, just like Nephi, then we will be happy and blessed.

Envelope #1- Outside: What was Nephi told to go and do?
Inside: When we are obedient, the Lord will answer our prayers. Look for your next clue where you usually say your prayers.

Envelope #2- Outside: Who asked Nephi to go back and get the plates?
Inside: When we are obedient to the Lord and keep the commandments, we will be washed of all our sins. Look for your next clue in the place where -----------------.

Envelope #3- Outside: Nephi and his brothers walked back to what city to get the plates?
Inside: When we are obedient the Lord will guide us wherever we go. Lookf for your next clue in the place where you -----------------------------------.

Envelope #4- Outside: Who came to protect Nephi and Sam when Laman and Lemuel were hitting them with sticks?
Inside: When we are obedient the Lord will protect us. Look for your next clue in the -----------------------------.

Envelope #5- Outside: How did Nephi's parents feel when he brought back the plates?
Inside: Obedience makes us happy. Look in the place that --------------------- and find a treat that will make your mouth happy!

P.S. I have this in paper form that I can easily email so you can have for future reference. If you want a copy, leave your email on comments or send me a message on facebook and I will send it to you. Happy family time!



  1. I would love this in paper form! Cute ideas- I will be using them for our family night!
    Thanks for the great post!

  2. oops- my email is thehometeacherblog@gmail.com


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