Friday, October 8, 2010

General Conference: My Favorite Things

I hope you enjoyed General Conference! We took our children to Temple Square for one session. While we were not able to sit and listen to the talks like we would have at home (thank goodness for DVR!), it was a great experience that I would highly recommend you try at least once if you can. Families bring blankets and lunches. The speakers are blasting conference all over Temple Square. It is such a unified feeling, and reminded me of the people pitching their tents to listen to King Benjamin. It was a lot of fun.

For a Family Home Evening lesson following General Conference, I think a great idea is to bring the family together and have everyone share their favorite talk or thought from General Conference. Bring scriptures so you can go further into topics if prompted. You might even visit the new General Conference website and watch a favorite talk again.

I plan to make this a tradition. I think it will help everyone pay attention a little better if they know they are going to be asked about it. It is also a great opportunity to share testimony. Also, it is a great time to discuss goals we have for ourselves and our families.

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