Monday, October 25, 2010


Opening Song: An Angel Came to Joseph Smith

I used pictures in the Gospel Art Book to teach what angels are. The definition I used was from the Bible Dictionary: "Angels are messengers of the Lord."

Page 28: The Angel Gabriel appears to Mary
Page 31: The Angel Appears to the Shepherds
Page 62: The Ascension of Jesus
Page 77: Conversion of Alma the Younger
Page 91: Moroni Appears to Joseph Smith in his room
Page 66: The Second Coming

I had my daughter point out the angel in each picture and then told her what was going on in the picture. For #91, we also discussed how that relates to Angel Moroni on the temple. For the last picture, we talked about the difference between Jesus and angels. (This was the motivation for the lesson, my daughter was confused on who everyone was in that picture.) I closed with my testimony of how though we will probably never see an angel, I know they are messengers from God.


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