Monday, September 6, 2010

Puppet Show Scripture Stories

Acting out puppet shows is a great way for children to reinforce stories they have heard. It solidifies their knowledge of the story. Another great thing about puppet shows is that it is interesting to your little ones--even the babies--and your older children, also.

I would start with reading a scripture story. Then, I would let each child choose one character to play from the story. Get behind a couch and hold up your puppet. Have fun reenacting the story! Help your children as needed.  Have fun!

The puppets pictured above are actual Bible puppets you can purchase online (Google "Bible puppets"). But you don't need to do something this extravagant. I wouldn't unless they were on super duper sale. I would just  use stuffed animals and sock puppets. An old sock (or socks from the dollar store) together with some yarn and a child's imagination and you have yourself a puppet show. When you do Jonah and the Whale, get out the old Shamoo you got form Sea World, make a Jonah, and you have a story. Want to do Daniel and the Lions Den? Glue some yarn to some socks for the lions' manes, make a Daniel, add a paper crown to one puppet for the king, and you have a puppet show! Use your imaginations. 


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  1. These are totally going on my Christmas wish list! So cute!!!


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