Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Topic: Learning to distinguish between telling the truth and telling a lie

Phillipians 4:8
Alma 27:27
D&C 98:10
Article of Faith 13
Other scriptures about Honesty found here

Song Suggestions:
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus, Children's Songbook 78
I Believe in Being Honest, CS 149

-Ask if your child understands what being honest is. Explain that being honest is telling the truth and not making up a story.
-Give some examples of being honest and telling a lie (ie. If you tell someone that you made your bed, but you didn't, is that being honest? If you tell someone that you cleaned up your room, and you really did, is that being honest?)
-Read a scripture or two and talk about how the people were trying to be honest, and that Heavenly Father is happy when we are honest and wants us to find these things
-Read the story, The Case of the Broken Mirror, from the January 2010 Friend magazine
-Talk about how you feel when you are honest, and that it makes you happy inside

We played a game where the children stood across the room from the parents. Examples of being honest and dishonest were shared. Everytime an example of being honest was shared, the child got to move forward. If the example was someone being dishonest, the child stayed where she was. You can have the children answer the same question, or move from child to child with different examples.

I am sure that there are other activities that you can use, but I ran out of time (and energy) to make the board game about honesty that I wanted to.

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