Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Individual Worth

Purpose: to help each child know they are special and of worth to our Heavenly Father

Materials: Mirror, magnifying mirror (or some kind of mirror that distorts the reflection), scissors, paper, crayons or markers

*Have each child cut out a snowflake with the white paper (you can have them color/decorate it too)

Discussion: snowflakes are wonderful. Each is beautiful and yet not one is the same. (Have each child show their snowflake and how different it is but how they are all beautiful).

Just as snowflakes are beautiful but different, so is each of us. As children of God we are very important and precious. We are also different from each other. We have different thoughts, ideas, talents, and needs. We can all be different and also be important.

Lesson: Pass both mirrors around for the children to look at themselves. Explain that the magnifying mirror gives a distorted image of ourselves. If we thought we looked like that we would become very discouraged. The ordinary mirror reflects the true image.

Liken the magnifying mirror to how the world can make us see ourselves. It’s a distorted view but if we believe it, like relying on other people’s opinions about us we would become discouraged. People can be negative, critical, and untruthful. The world will tell us that we need to dress and act in ways that don’t reflect our values and standards in order to fit in.

Heavenly Father offers us the true reflection of ourselves like the ordinary mirror. He sees our strong points and our talents. He loves us for who we are and who we can become. He wants to help us in all we do.

Conclusion: Read Isaiah 13:12. Help your children understand that they are very special in Heavenly Father’s sight. His opinion of them is the one to value.

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