Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me

We should say "I am sorry" when we make mistakes and "I'm sorry, please forgive me" when we do something wrong purposefully.

James 5:16
3 Nephi 12:23-24

Children's Songbook
Four pieces of paper
Picture of Jesus
Pictures of people (optional)

Song Suggestion:
I'm Trying to be like Jesus (Children's Songbook, 78-79)

Show picture of Jesus. Jesus wants us and others to be happy. He has taught us some ways to make ourselves and others happy. One of these ways is to say we are sorry and to ask for forgiveness.

Whenever we make a mistake we should say we are sorry. Whenever we do something wrong purposefully, we should say we are sorry and then ask for forgiveness from the person we wronged (this second idea is just a suggestion).

When we say these kind words to others we make ourselves and others feel happy. Have everyone repeat after you, "I'm sorry and if you want, "I'm sorry, please forgive me". Emphasize that there is no reason to feel embarrassed to say "I'm sorry". We are a bigger person for doing this and should feel proud not ashamed.

Next you can tell of a story in the scriptures where someone did something wrong, felt bad about what they did, apologized, and then were happy. You could also tell of a personal experience where this happened.

Activity Ideas:
Gather four pieces of paper. On one piece draw a smiley face, on another draw a frown, on another piece write "I'm sorry" and on the last piece write "Please forgive me". Depending on your number of children old enough to participate either give all the pieces of paper to one child, or hand them out to different children. Tell of some stories of people making mistakes or doing something purposefully wrong (show pictures of people if desired). When you get to the sad part where someone does something wrong, have the child with the frown hold it up. When you get to the happy part, have the child hold up the happy face. Continue from there with the other pieces of paper.

Have your children act out different situations where someone makes a mistake or does something wrong making sure that they say the words "I'm sorry" and "Please forgive me" where appropriate. Discuss how they would feel (sad/happy) if these situations really happened to them.

Weekly Challenge:
Challenge your children to say "I'm sorry" and "Please forgive me" when appropriate this week.

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