Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Follow the Prophet

My daughter comes home every Sunday from Primary singing “Follow the Prophet”. If your primary kids like to sing that song too, I thought it would be a fun lesson to learn a little more about why we have prophets and that following their teachings will bring us happiness!

Materials: if you can find them, pictures of Noah, Isaiah, Lehi, Daniel, Samuel the Lamanite, and President Monson

Activity: have your children take turns holding up the picture of each prophet. Identify the prophet, talk about him and what he did. Proceed similarly with each picture.
1. Noah: told people to repent and live the commandments of Heavenly Father (Genesis 6-8)
2. Isaiah: saw the birth of the Savior
3. Lehi: preached to the people and old them to follow the commandments or Jerusalem would be destroyed
4. Daniel: Interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream when no one else could
5. Samuel the Lamanite: Foretold the birth of Christ to the Nephite people
Tell the kids that these prophets were very close to the Spirit and were very good men. They loved the Savior and tried to help people learn about him. Sometimes the people listened to what the prophet said, sometimes they didn’t. The prophets have the gift of revelation.

1. What does a prophet do? (receives messages form Heavenly Father)
2. Who can be a prophet? (a man who has lived righteously, obeys Heavenly Father, holds the Priesthood, and is called of God)
3. Why does Heavenly Father want us to have prophets? (Following the prophet will help is choose the right, will make us happy, will help us to follow Christ.)
4. Who is our prophet today? (Show Pres. Monson’s picture)
5. What has he asked us to do?
6. Why would Heavenly Father want us to do these things?
When we hear a prophet speak to us it’s as though Heavenly Father is speaking to us. If we obey the words of the prophet we will be safe, healthy, and happy.

Songs: “Follow the Prophet” CSB110, “Stand for Right” CSB 159

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