Friday, June 25, 2010

Articles of Faith

We have spent a few lessons recently focusing on the Articles of Faith. My daughter is only 28 months, so we aren't getting too deep, but we've had some good lessons from it.

For each Article of Faith, we start by singing the song from the Children's Song Book. Then we say it aloud and have my daughter repeat back to us the key words. For example, in the 4th Article of Faith, we just had her say "Faith", "Repentence", "Baptism", and "Holy Ghost" not all the descriptive words. This could of course be adjusted depending on your child's speaking ability.

I used the document "Articles of Faith Helps" from this site which has a few clip art pictures for each Article of Faith to help illustrate the principles in each Article of Faith.

Then we sang the song again! My daughter loves music!


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