Monday, February 7, 2011

Favorite Scripture Story

A couple of Sundays ago, I was teaching the twelve year olds in Sunday school. I was explaining to them how much more you learn when you are the teacher instead of the student because you spend time in preparation and think about it a lot more. I pointed out that as 12 year olds, they likely really only got this opportunity to teach a lesson in Family Home Evening. I encouraged them to really take the time to study when preparing a lesson for Family Home Evening. I promised them it would help them build their own testimonies on the subject.

This comment got me thinking about my own children.

We like to have them take a turn sharing the lesson every so often. We have really had some learning curves along the way.

The first time we did this and Brayden was old enough to have real opinion on the direction of the lesson, we ended up with him "teaching" us for an hour. Not kidding. We have it on video. It really was funny and one of those priceless moments, but the whole thing wasn't really the direction we thought was appropriate :)

After that, we guided the study and the lesson, but it really ended up being more of me teaching while Brayden parroted what I said. This isn't necessarily bad, but I also felt like it wasn't best.

Especially after I got thinking about what I had taught the 12 year olds.

I spent some time pondering the matter and I was finally struck with some inspiration. I decided to have Brayden share his favorite scripture story.

So I told Brayden what he would do. I then asked him what his favorite scripture story is (even though I already knew...unless he had changed his mind of course :) ). He told me Daniel and the Lion's Den. So we went to the scriptures and read the story in the scriptures. Then we went to the children's scripture stories they sell at Distribution and read about Daniel and the Lion's Den in there. We then found a picture for him to use during his lesson.

I explained to him that for his lesson, he would tell us the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den.

That night, he was able to hold the picture up and share the story of Daniel all by himself. Not only was he able to learn the story well, he was able to actually give a lesson on his own, which is very exciting for a child.

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  1. Great idea. I've been wondering how we will do this when joshua is older and maybe we'll start here.


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