Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Setting Goals

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Setting goals (and meeting them) is an important part of life, and something people naturally tend to do around this time of year. Well, the setting, maybe not the meeting ;).

For family home evening last night, we all thought of something we wanted to improve on. We had our two older children think of something on their own. Our five year old decided he wants to be nicer to people. Our three year old decided she wants to stay in her bed at nap time (hurray!--we have been struggling with this for a few days). My husband and I decided we want to do better about taking time to play with the children.

Having the child think of a goal to strive toward on their own gives them some ownership and some sort of desire to meet the goal. We have decided to make a picture representing their goal and put it on the bathroom mirror to remind them of it. We will see how the "meeting goals" portion of the goal setting and meeting task goes :)

I think it is also valuable to tell your children of your own goals. They can then watch you work toward and hopefully meet that goal. It will be a great example to them and help them really learn how the process works.

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